Our workshops on tracking macroeconomic data and economies provide hands-on training on how to use data to your best advantage.

When our founder began his career as an economist in 1978, his mind was filled with rigorous macroeconomic theories and econometric techniques. However, he had no clue about the sources and definitions of data. Our founder was fortunate enough to have had a boss who kindly and patiently shared with him a great stock of empirical knowledge during all the years that he worked for him.

We believe that our founder's once-poor understanding of economic data is not unique nor even rare. Most economics professors do not require students to use actual macroeconomic data. Very often, even Ph.D. graduates have a poor understanding of the sources and definitions of macroeconomic data, let alone its proper usage. Someone in this situation could learn on the job, but it would take a while to become productive.

Our workshops offer an alternative to on-the-job training. You will learn, in a small-group setting, from highly-skilled professionals who have been forecasting and consulting for many years and who use these economic data and modeling techniques intensively in their own professions. After attending these workshops, you will be well informed of crucial techniques used to track macroeconomic data and economies and how to apply them to improve your company's business strategy.

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