The Versatile International Trade Analysis Link (VITAL)
The answer to any trade data question begins with VITAL.

VITAL integrates data from respected sources worldwide into one easy-to-use website with extensive display capabilities and advanced analytic indicators.

The VITAL database includes:

  • the complete annual UN Commodity Trade Statistics Database (Comtrade) and
  • monthly data from selected countriesí customs services or statistical organizations at the 6-10 digit level of the Harmonized System.

VITAL queries may span all six dimensions of international trade data, including:

  • reporter country,
  • partner country,
  • flow (exports, imports, re-exports, and re-imports),
  • commodity (in any of the standard classification systems),
  • measure (value, weight, and quantity), and
  • time.

VITAL displays your query results in tables, charts, and maps, which you may print, save, and export to Microsoft Excel and Word and Adobe PDF.

VITAL also allows you to request aggregates, distributions, growth rates, and indicators of:

  • a reporterís export competitiveness/import concentration by partner/commodity;
  • a reporterís export/import competition/complementarity by partner/commodity;
  • a reporterís export/import concentration/diversification by partner/commodity;
  • customs duty evasion, trade-based money laundering, and transfer pricing abuses; and
  • any additional concepts you specify or we develop to meet your needs.