Customized Research and Modeling

Our expertise and extensive network of independent consultants throughout the world enable us to collect data and perform customized research and modeling to answer your questions in timely and cost-effective ways.

We currently:

  • assist firms with sales forecasting, customized macroeconomic scenario analysis, and strategic planning;
  • analyze the economies of and policy options in countries that have underdeveloped statistical systems or are recovering from conflict; and
  • develop economic diversification strategies for resource-rich counties.

Some of our current and past projects include:

    1.   Short-Term Electric Load Forecasting
  • Building SAS models to forecast hourly electric load for bidding into the PJM Interconnection day-ahead energy market, on-going project.

    2.   Market Size and Business Performance
  • Measuring and predicting the size and performance of the business to business exhibition industry, on-going project.

    3.   Debt Sustainability Analysis
  • An analysis of Venezuela's government deficit, debt, financing requirements, & fiscal sustainability, April 2006.
  • An analysis of Argentina's fiscal sustainability after the debt swap, March 2005.
  • Poland public sector deficit, debt, and financing requirement: a scenario analysis, January 2005.
  • Analysis of the Philippines debt sustainability: is the Philippines going to be Asia's Argentina? November 2004.
  • Assessing Turkey's fiscal sustainability, June 2003.
  • Assessing Brazil's fiscal sustainability, November 2002.

    4.   Government Finance
  • An analysis of Chavez's spending ability, August 2006.
  • Contribution of PDVSA to Venezuelan government finance, February 2006.

    5.   Aid and Economic Growth
  • The potential impact of the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) on the economy of Sub-Saharan Africa, July 2003.

    6.   Economic Development
  • Mexico's convergence with the U.S.: the prospect of convergence and its implications for the U.S., December 2002.
  • Seven percent growth for Mexico? a quantitative assessment of Mexico's investment requirements. See Journal of Policy Modeling, 24 (2002): 781-798.
  • Economic fundamentals: how does Africa measure up to the world? April 2002.

    7.   Economic Statistics Issues & Modeling
  • Macroeconometric models for emerging countries, ongoing project.
  • Has the Chinese government overestimated economic growth? See The Pace of China's Economic Growth: Research and Debate, CITIC Publishing House, January 2005.
  • Is China's economic growth consistent with its energy consumption? July 2002.
  • Modeling international financial flows: macroeconomic approach, August 1998.
  • International capital flows: data issues, August 1998.

    8.   International Trade and Export Competitiveness
  • A comparative export competitiveness, import concentration, & overall industry competitiveness analysis: China, Japan, South Korea, & Taiwan, March 2003.
  • International trade in the midst of a changing world economy with a special focus on Latin America, June 1997.

    9.   Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  • Crouching tiger and hidden dragon: the rise of China's outward direct investment, December 2004.