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About Us

We are an independent economic consulting firm, headquartered near Philadelphia, PA, with a branch office near Washington, DC.

Dr. Allen W. Shiau (Shaw) established GECA in 1997. He previously worked as Executive Vice President of the WEFA Group, which was established by Nobel Laureate Lawrence R. Klein. Dr. Shiau managed international forecasting, modeling, economic research, and consulting activities, including the activities of WEFA's international economists based in Philadelphia, PA, and London, England. He was the principal designer of various econometric models used by WEFA and its clients to produce forecasts and assess risk scenarios. He served as the principal investigator and econometrician for major economic research studies.

We can assist you as follows:

  • Our international trade data and analytic indicators can help you better understand your company or country's competitive position and identify profitable opportunities in new markets or products.
  • Our workshops on tracking macroeconomic data and economies provide hands-on training on how to use data to your best advantage.
  • Our expertise and extensive network of independent consultants throughout the world enable us to collect data and perform customized research and modeling to answer your questions in timely and cost-effective ways.